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Grace Hrabi Trio

Thursday, August 3

Grace Hriabi’s sweet and emotional stories have been shaped by the people who have come into her life and what they leave behind. Her rich & dulcet voice will sing a song that your ears will hear and your heart will understand. In her compositions she fuses the most beautiful and exhilarating aspects of jazz, folk, blues and pop. With a performance style inspired by both the past and present (Carmen McRae, Ella Fitzgerald, Jill Barber, Norah Jones) Grace Hrabi is sure to leave audiences on the edge of their seats.


Sonali Mulchand

Thursday, August 10

Sonali Mulchand is a singer/songwriter with an R&B/soul vibe. Sonali comes from Hollywood, California and now resides in Winnipeg since November of 2013. While in Hollywood, she made multiple appearances on MTV, co-wrote her music album, One Love. In her spare time she taught voice lessons and yoga. She has performed on many stages at Hollywood and New York clubs and has a musical theater background from an early age. She recently partnered with renowned musicians Bobby Hobson (drummer) and Victor Hugo Lopez Bustamante (guitarist) who are “regulars” to the Winnipeg scene and masters at their craft.


Kevin Hogg

Thursday, August 17

Kevin Hogg started playing guitar when he was seven years old and joined his first choir at the age of 9. Since then, he hasn’t stopped working to improve either instrument. He joined his first band in grade 10 and got hooked on rock and roll. He later joined a band called The Revival at the age of 22, and are currently still taking the stage under the name, Bright Righteous. Now at the age of 28, he still continues to improve his musical ability and play acoustic sets to do so. He play a wide range of music from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and some new top 40 hits, and also includes a few original tunes to add some contrast to his sets.


Monika Wall

Thursday, August 24

Monika Wall’s voice has taken a journey which has led her to sing in majestic thousand-year-old German cathedrals and in a joyous African American Gospel choir. She has sung in charming country churches near Munich, Germany, sunny open air stages as far north as Thompson, Canada, and thunderous concert halls as far south as Montpellier, France.


Breeze Trio

Thursday, August 31

Breeze is an internationally sought after musician, producer and songwriter with several career highlights to his name. Constantly seeking to redefine what he does has inspired a unique musical project; introducing Breeze Trio...a musical combo with piano, acoustic (stand up) bass fronted by Breeze as vocalist/electronic hand drum.  They’re a regular favourite of ours and we know they’ll be one of yours too!






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